Custom Fit Armor at No Extra Charge?YOU BET! ... Every piece we produce is custom fit, there is no off the shelf Impact Safe-T Armor.

Body armor must fit properly in order to work effectively! Compromising the fit of your Body Armor ARMOR means ... COMPROMISED PROTECTION!

Buying "off the rack" may be an option when it comes to purchasing your outerwear ... NOT SO-O-O, with your body armor selections!

That is why Impact Safe-T Armor provides "FREE" made to measure-custom fit armor services to ALL consumers. Thats right! ... "FREE" made to measure services!! Impact Safe-T Armor wants ALL consumers to benefit from the services we routinely provide every world champion and professional competitor who CHOOSE to wear our protection!

Just Follow These Simple Steps

  • Select the armor protection items you wish to purchase.
  • Print out our measuring chart fill in your measuriements.
  • E-mail your measurements.
  • Based upon the measurements we receive , template(s) will be created and sent to you for an initial "fit up".
  • Follow the instructions enclosed along with the template(s) we send to you.
  • E-mail the results of your "fit up" along with your comments, drawings, and/or photos.
  • Your "made to measure " impact safe-t armor is created!